The camp-site is located on a 5-hectare site in the middle of nature.

We aim to take the best possible care of nature. Therefore sustainability is an important part of our corporate philosophy.

Sustainable development is the development that meets the livelihood needs of the present generation without compromising those of future generations.

These include economic, social and environmental needs.

We feel a  responsibility, as a company, to take good care of the earth, not to exploit its natural resources, to treat people and animals with respect and to care for, in particular, the local economy.


Waste management through separation of waste, using its own container park. Compost bins in all rental units.
Solar water heaters for hot water in our new chalets.
Heat pumps for heating the pools. In pre-season only the small pool with canopy is used and heated.
5-minutes EasyBe dishwashers for water saving.
Light sensors are used for street lighting and sanitary buildings and the use of Led lighting.
Use of renewable materials in the new wooden chalets and safari tents.
The use of eco-friendly and natural products for cleaning, maintenance and office.
The use of electric golf carts for cleaning and technical staff.
Online meetings when possible.
Silence hours on the campsite between 11pm and 7.30am. No traffic during these hours.
Educate guests on reducing water consumption and electricity and waste separation via posters.
Educate staff on eco-friendly and locally purchased cleaning products, water conservation and electricity use through team meetings and handbooks.
Partnering with local producers, artisans and other businesses for sourcing the shop, restaurant and various activities