Many years ago they rented out fully furnished tents and for ages now they’ve owned the naturist campsite where Thom also loves to cook for his guests. During our preparations for the new season we again came across these two marvellous broadcasts in the Grenzeloos Genoegen series of our local TV channel, TV Oost, with La Gagère in the spotlight! The broadcasts can be viewed (in Dutch – but with great images) via:

Part One:

“The Grenzeloos Genoegen team has arrived in the Morvan to meet Thom and Betty Weterings, from De Lutte. For years they’ve been running a successful naturist campsite, La Gagère, in the Morvan.

Thom and Betty live in De Lutte, but for several months each year they’re in France. Thom, originally in teaching and later owner of some successful consultancy companies, had always had a passion for adventure and cooking.

And yes, it is a bit strange to arrive fully dressed and to be greeted by Thom and Betty in Adam’s costume. Betty gives a guided tour to Dorothy, who’s adapted well as regards clothing. Of course the team joins in with the French No. 1 pastime, pétanque, to which the weather unfortunately calls an abrupt halt. Frederike helps Thom with the cooking of the local dish Boeuf Bourguignon and indeed Hans has an excellent red wine from the Domain de Joblot house to accompany it.”

Part Two:

“In this episode of Grenzeloos Genieten, Hans and Frederieke experience new adventures during their last days at Thom and Betty Weterings’ naturist campsite La Gagère.

Thom takes the three of them plus some campsite guests on a Celtic hike through the Morvan, the land of Asterix and Obelix! Afterwards, while Frederike and Thom go shopping at a covered street market, Dorothy helps Betty with chores on the campsite. Thom is a good storyteller and shows Hans some of the highlights of the town of Autun. For the farewell dinner Thom has surpassed himself with Canard à l’Orange. There is live music, the wine flows copiously and people can dance. A festive finale to this episode of Grenzeloos Genoegen.”